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these are all molds I am no longer using or no longer have use for, they are NOT my original work and are NOT made by me, I do not claim ownership over the content or final product of any of these. most of these molds are from small independent mold makers and were purchased via their shops or etsy. some are of higher quality than others, any b grade molds have been designated in the item description, do with that info what you will. Mold care guidelines can be googled

all single cavity molds are sold as PAIRS (2 molds) these were all used for making earrings so they are paired with the same intention
~unless its a hairclip mold~
some listings have multiple pairs available
both plastic and silicone molds will be listed

there are a handful of sets that contain 4-9 PAIRS of molds, these cannot be broken up or seperated

everything is USED, and the price reflects that
these molds have been used with epoxy resin at least once, but most likely more than once, please keep that in mind if you intend on using these for crafts other than resin

the sizing dimensions in the listings are all estimates for the SIZE OF THE COMPLETED PIECE, not the entire mold

everything will be cleaned with tape before being shipped out


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